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Seasoned by the Sun

Seasoned by the Sun is a luxury CBD skincare company launching in early 2021. SBTS's mission is to create skin and body positivity as well as social justice initiatives. 

Since there are no products to sell, our main focus here was really pushing the brand message of confidence and body & skin positivity all while educating on beauty terminology. 

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CDixon Investment Group

CDixon Investment Group is a real estate solutions company that specializes in acquiring, selling, and developing Real Estate properties. Their core focus is to revitalize and stabilize the housing community one home and neighborhood at a time. 

The goal with CDixon IG is simple - highlight current and past projects while educating the community on what it means to invest in real estate. Many of our content features audio snippets of founder, Charné Dixon, discussing real estate investment. 

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BTRG - Commercial

BTRG Commercial is a commercial real estate agency under Boston Trust Realty Group (BTRG). They service Massachusetts and behind but focus heavily on Boston.

Our goal with BTRG was to help increase the purchases, sales and leases of commercial properties by those properties as well as former clients, their businesses and inspirational quotes. 

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BNI - Roxbury

BNI (Business Network International) is an American franchised networking organization, founded in 1985. Currently BNI has over 9,500+ chapters, one of those being in Roxbury, MA.

With BNI we really wanted to increase the number of members. We did this by highlighting ways to networking and life when COVID-19 first hit. We also highlighted members of the chapter on a monthly basis while pushing for new members!