• Ashley Hunter

It's Been Awhile

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

It's been awhile since I have blogged, ten years to be exact. My first time blogging was back when I was a sophomore in college. As a plus-sized woman I found so much comfort and inspiration in bloggers like Gabi Fresh. and The Curvy Fashionista. So I thought "why not start my own blog?" And I did for a bit, discussing fashion and all the things that I was going through as a plus-size woman.

But this blog isn't about being plus-sized or fashion, it's about all the things that matter to AESTHETICS BY ASH.

Hi, my name is Ashley Hunter and I'm the founder, creator, CEO of Aesthetics by Ash. AbA was born out of my desire to create things for people. Over the years it has morphed itself into many different things - baby shower invitations, brunch printables, and now a full on social media agency.

This blog will bring you true aesthetics - everything from color palettes and decor, to branding and glimpses into the type of work I do. Make sure to check back every Friday for a new blog post!

I hope you are able to see the world through my eyes while on this journey. Feel free to say hello and leave some things that you'd like to see on the blog.


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