• Ashley Hunter

Why your small business NEEDS social media - duh

As we all know, social media has and is taking over. Everyday there is a new feature or a new platform that appeals to different demographics. It can honestly be overwhelming, even for those who are in the field.

But there's no reason to be afraid - just choose what works for you and get started! Below are 4 different reasons why you NEED social media for your small business.

  1. Awareness . The world is big and your target customers don't even know you exists. There are companies out there that do the same thing that you do and sell the same products you sell. Why get lost in the shuffle when you can just put yourself out there?? It’s important that companies have social media profiles with regular activity for potential customers to discover them and engage.

  2. Learn More About Your People . Having a social media presence not only allows your customers to find out who you are but it allows you to do the same. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook provide business pages with wonderful insights. You can figure out the age ranges, top locations, gender, etc. In addition to providing insights, interacting with your customers allows you to see what they do and don't like, their wants and needs, what they're passionate about and more.

  3. Get ahead of your competition . As a small business it can be hard to break out in front of big companies that have bigger budgets, staff, or inventory than you do. But social media helps level the playing field a bit. While you might not have the budget of large corporations in your industry, you have the personal touch and authenticity that your customers crave.

  4. Track Your Competitors . I left this one for last because its obviously not my favorite, but its necessary. Its okay to see how they're engaging with their customers and what they're putting out there, but don't forget to stay in your own lane. You want to make sure that you're not copying your competitors or generally comparing their brand with yours.

Which social platform does your business use? Let me know in the comments!

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